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An Introduction about the life and career of Boris Mozhaev and his battle with Soviet censorship. 

A memoir by Alexander Solzhenitsyn about how he met Mozhaev and how they became lifelong friends.

Translations, each with a foreword, of the following stories:

Sania (1957)

Lively (1964-5)

One-and-a-half Square Metres (1970)

Old Mother Proshkina (1966)

The Saddler (1965)

A History of the Village of Brekhovo, Written by Petr Afanasievich Bulkin (1968)

Shishigi (1970)

Appendix I: The Politics of Soviet Literature: Soviet Realism, the 'Thaws' and Village Prose

Appendix II: A Brief Survey of the Soviet Farming System

Glossary of Terms

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