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Founded in 2007, Hodgson Press was set up to cater for the needs of the specialist-interest reader and author.

All too often, mainstream publishers will not take on titles which they consider to be of too little commercial interest.  By employing the very latest in Print-On-Demand technology, we are able to set up and publish titles at a fraction of the costs of other publishers.  Admittedly, we don't reap the benefits of low cost-per-volume for large print runs, but, on the other hand, we don't have the initial up-front cost of any print run at all.

By taking fewer risks we are able to pass on to out authors and other copyright holders consistently higher percentages of received profits.

We are able to offer healthy trade discounts and we can also offer discounts to special-interest organizations. 

Most importantly of all, titles which otherwise might not have seen the light of day are brought to the market and, should a title take off as we all hope they might, there is nothing to stop us going to press in the more conventional manner and reap the benefits appropriately.

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